March 2017

Methods To Reduce Your Stress

There are many ways to manage your stress and one of them is removing the root cause of the problem. If you have no choice in removing it from your life then what do you have to do to reduce yourself from health risks of being stressed? The only thing you can do is to relax a little. Beside for you to get stressed means that you have been working a lot and over time at that so you definitely deserve a break to relax every now and then. Here are some amazing ways which can relax and reduce your stress significantly.

Researchers say a taking a few minutes of your time to meditate can reduce stress levels and anxiety. All you need to do is sit up straight with both feet on the ground or you could even sit and close your eyes recite positive things such as, “I am at peace.” You should really check out mantras and sitting positions for meditation. There meditation classes that you can follow if you like.

Depending on your problem there different meditation courses in Sunshine Coast. Breathing exercises – take a 5 minute break from life and focus on breathing. Make sure you sit up straight with your eyes closed. Inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth. Feel the air going in and out of your body. This will make you more aware of the present and help your mind focus. Slows your heart rate and blood pressure. Feel everything around you, the noises and the air brushing against your face. When you spend time in the present your senses will intensify.

Do not be alone. Go meet some friends and talk to them. Share your life with them maybe they can give you a different perspective about your work. Which is good to have in mind when you can’t think about things alone and also you get to hang out with your friends in a busy world which is a bonus.

Like the old saying goes music can heal the soul. Research shows that music has the ability to lower blood pressure, anxiety levels and your heart rate. Have some soothing music that will help calm your nerves. Maybe nature sounds like birds chirping, instrumental or slow singing pieces. Depending on music makes you click, sing along or dance along and release yourself. Getting yourself moving can help your blood flow. Small exercises and walking and yoga can help release chemicals in your body to feel good. There many more methods, remember we all deserve a break every now and then.