Lessons Learnt From Grandparents

For Millennials or Generation Z, their grandparents might as well have been dinosaurs. These are the generations that were defined by technology, millennials being the transitory generation from computers to mobile phones and Gen Z being the era of the smart phone. Now both these generations are derided for a variety of flaws and faults, especially from their parents. Here are some of the things that we can learn from our grandparents and the virtues they got from being part of the ‘old’ people.

Patience is a Virtue

We live in a world of clicks and bells and beeps. We live for instant gratification. This has made our generations very impatient and demanding. One thing that we can learn and cultivate within ourselves is the patience of our grandparents. This is the generation that had to queue up to buy essentials such as bread and beans; this is the generation who waited weeks for a letter and years for a visit from distant friends and family. It is the patience that they exercise as they wait for us to visit them in aged care facilities. That calm air that surrounds them today is gentle amusement at our generations that cannot take a delay of 3 seconds before a non-responsive website loads.

Self-Control Too

Thanks to an online culture that encourages over sharing and then alters our reality to make us seem like celebrities, we lack self-control. We are demanding, we work when we want to or not at all. the dominant discourse is on how society should validate our emotions and feelings. “It’s ok to complain” is something that we often tell each other. This is great as long as we don’t infringe on others’ right to feel too. Yet, too often, we do. Think about the self-control of elderly people in aged care Camberwell who admirably bear the numerous aches and pains they suffer and put on a happy face each day. Try to practice some of that self-control.

Discipline in the Ranks

Discipline is closely allied to self-control. Someone with good self-control will often have good discipline too. Discipline is being organized, having a plan and knowing when to follow rules and when to break them. Schools are seen as the primary site of discipline but in modern times, most schools have very lax discipline protocols because of the fuss kicked up by a parental generation that wanted to give their babies everything that they did not have and feel, including validation for participation. These actions led to a generation of entitled, spoiled, self-important youth who are now struggling in the real world because they have never had the discipline that would have made their lives much easier in the workplace.